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Bookings and Enquiries in person or via phone.

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Bookings and Enquiries in person or via phone.

Initial Consultations give us the opportunity to meet you and gain an understanding of what you hope to gain from our services. We can tailor make a treatment plan and discuss pre-treatment preparation as well as at home care procedures.


All new customers must have a consultation before any treatment. The cost associated will be deducted from your first treatment.


Follow up consultations allow us to check in on progress and discuss future treatments. Follow up consultations can be requested or will be advised by our staff 

Through these laser treatments we focus not only on hair removal, but also permanent hair reduction.

Laser Hair Reduction treatments use waves of light energy to penetrate the skin and break down individual hair follicles resulting in hair loss and a noticeable permanent reduction in hair growth. These treatments are also known to help boost collagen production and rejuvenate the skin.

We have a range of different treatments available for those looking to give their skin a healthy, natural boost. 

Skin Needling - An anaesthetic lotion is applied before tiny needles puncture the skin, triggering its natural healing response to produce collagen. This improves firmness, wrinkles, texture and tone. 

Intense Pulsed Light - (IPL) short bursts of light that are applied to a target area of skin stimulating collagen production, shattering pigment, reducing surface oils and killing bacteria.

Medical Grade Peels -Our peels remove the dead cells that smother your skins surface, your skin will be purified in depth, your cellular metabolism reactivated. Wrinkles, lines and pores are tightened and pigmentation stains erased thanks to our powerful, 100% natural agents.

LED Light Therapy -Different spectrums of light emit waves through the skin stimulating cellular repair & firmness. also excellent for acne treatments. This is a very relaxing and releases your endorphins.

Each one of us has different skin with different needs and conditions. This is why we wont take a "one size fits all" approach to our facial treatments. With the help of our consultation process and our amazing range of state of the art products and techniques we can design a tailor made facial treatment that will suit you and your skin perfectly.

We use our state of the art equipment and products to treat an array of different skin conditions and the damage that they can cause​.

Photo Dynamic Therapy  - Ideal for the person with severe sun damage and mixed skin lesions on the face, scalp, body and limbs, acne, precancerous/cancerous lesions using ALA 20% and IPL or LED.

Low Level Laser -Effective, painless treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, wound and scar healing.

Radio Frequency -This treatment uses high frequency energy to provide microscopic precise results in removing facial veins, spider veins, skin tags, telangiectasia and solar keratosis.

Intense Pulsed Light & LED light Therapy -IPL and LED treatments both use light energy to kill bacteria and remove oils on the surface of the skin and within the dermal layer which makes these treatments an excellent way to combat acne.

We use a very unique treatment known as Tecartherapy consisting of radio frequency that targets the treatment area. This process increases heat which in turn increases oxygen, nutrients and blood supply to the relevant area. This process treats sports injuries, inflammation, pre and post operative.

Facial treatment using Tecatherapy achieves increased cell turn over, tightening and firming. It is very important to have a regular number of consecutive treatments to gain maximum results.

Our resident doctor, Dr. Jim Lannigan has over 15 years experience in his field performing all types of anti wrinkle treatments and cosmetic injectables.

Anti-Wrinkle treatments involve small injections of anti wrinkle solutions  into target areas of skin and muscle to relax these areas and soften lines and wrinkles on the face. These are minimally invasive, non permanent and affordable treatments that give a natural looking result. 

Cosmetic Injectables are used to replace the volume that we lose in different areas of our faces as we age and go through changes in our lives. Injectables come in varying size and thickness to provide structure, lift and firmness in different areas of the face, jaw and lips. 

An initial consultation is necessary prior to treatment and is complimentary. 

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