We use a unique and diverse range of products in our treatments and are proud to offer a selection of these products for sale in the clinic for at home care and for Pre & Post treatment use.

Below are our major suppliers, industry leading cosmeceutical brands.

We are honoured to use and sell these products that are on the leading edge of skin care technology and also support cruelty free testing and natural ingredients.

Over half of our suppliers are also Australian owned and operated, including Port Dermal which is owned and operated locally by our very own dermal therapist, Maddie.

Feel free to contact us with any enquiries about our range of products, we keep an abundance of our most popular items in stock at the clinic and anything else can be easily ordered in for our customers. 


Synergie Skin


Skin O2

Fluer De Mer

Port Dermal

There are many ‘natural’ product ranges on the market that may feel gentle and nurturing to the touch, yet make little cosmeceutical impact on your skin. Even natural ingredients can be harmful to the skin if used incorrectly.

Synergie Skin’s point of difference is that they harness the most effective aspects of science and nature by using sound discipline and clinical data. Combining complementary elements, whilst excluding potentially toxic ingredients.

Synergie products are cruelty free and free from common toxic ingredients like parabens, sodium sulfates, pthalates, PEG's, propylene glycol, talc, dimethicone, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances. 

Environ skin care products are among the best in the world, favoured by beauty gurus, dermatologists and celebrities everywhere.

Environ has led the industry for decades, using cutting edge science to continually improve and refine our products to make them as effective as possible, for a lifetime of beautiful skin.

Environ supply us with a huge range of customer targeted skin care products along with their Environ Professional range, a treatment orientated range that is scientifically formulated for trained skin care professionals to promote and support healthier looking skin.

Skin O2 entered the cosmeceutical market in 2005 out of necessity. Dr. Atia, creator of Skin O2, observed that a large number of his patients’ skin concerns were often caused or made worse by problematic or ineffective cosmetic products. Pore clogging foundations and even well-known mineral makeup brands containing skin drying ingredients like talc, rice powder or other irritating ingredients like oxybithmus chloride pushed Dr. Atia to launch his own make-up & cosmetics range to help address his patients skin concerns.

Skin O2 then rapidly expanded to hundreds of skin clinics across Australia due to popular demand.

Skin O2 products are vegan, cruelty free and safe for sensitive and acne prone skin.

Fluer De Mer is a proudly Australian owned and made cosmeceutical company that focuses on providing quick, visible results. Treatments include but are not confined to powerful Fruit Acid (Glycolic, Lactic etc) Peels, gentle Enzyme Peels, highly concentrated Vitamin C Serums, Collagen Drops, Microdermabrasion Skin Polish and the very latest international skin care discovery being a Stem Cell Anti Ageing Serum with unprecedented results.

We are privileged to use Fluer De Mer in our range of professional treatments as well as stocking their famous sunscreens available untinted or incorporated into fabulously sheer non-oily foundation creams.

Port Dermal was created by the Skin Rejuvenation Clinic's dermal therapist, Maddie Caruana-Nassif.

Maddie found the inspiration and the name for her very own cosmeceutical range from the beautiful Port Stephens region in which we are based.

Port Dermal is a locally owned and operated skin care line that has something for every skin type. The medical grade range, Medika is specifically formulated for problematic acne prone skin, anti ageing and sun damage. We also have Naturali, the all natural vegan friendly line that caters for all skin types and concerns.